Psychical Research Foundation - Call for Sitters



Psychical Research Foundation - Call for Sitters

The Psychical Research Foundation (PRF) is currently conducting a research study on after-death communications received through mediums, and is looking for volunteers from the general public who may be interested in participating as “sitters.” Those who are selected to participate will receive a 20 – 30 minute reading from a professional medium.

To help focus on and connect with a sitter’s deceased loved one in this study, the medium will be using the technique of psychometry, in which the medium will hold an object that had once belonged to (and/or was frequently used by) that deceased person in life. For this reason, we ask that interested volunteers make available to us a small piece of fabric taken from an old blanket, quilt, shawl, robe, or article of clothing that their deceased loved one had worn or used quite often. If you still have one of these objects in your possession and are willing and able to make it available for this study, we would be pleased to hear from you.

CLICK HERE for additional details about the study and how to take part.