Plenty of issues here to get your teeth into.

A few points which struck me - I was surprised at Chris French's complaints that the journal which published Daryl Bem's precognitive findings, refused to publish two replications which didn't confirm them. Usually the boot's on the other foot and it's the parapsychologists who have complaints like this?

Richard Wiseman criticised parapsychologists for being predisposed towards psi being real, which struck me as silly because the fact the parapsychology exists at all is because of the huge amount of anecdotal data there is of psychic functioning. Nobody would start a science to study angels that live on the end of pins because there is no evidence for them.

And I think it was Chris Roe who commented that 100 years of study by the Society of Psychical Research was equivalent to only four months proper academic study in the social sciences. I didn't quite understand what he meant but it sounded an amazing statistic.