Mod+ Psychotropic medications and psychic abilities

Ian Gordon

I'm wondering if anyone here knows something about, or has researched, the question as to whether taking a psychotropic medication - say an SSRI for depression or anxiety, or a benzodiazepene for anxiety, or a sleeping pill - negatively affects your ability to tune in to psi.

For example, whether taking any such drug could hamper your ability to have spontaneous psi experiences of one kind or another, to experience an ADC, to have psychic dreams or have an OBE or be able to astral travel or achieve lucid dreaming, to experience déjà vu, to achieve a deeper level of meditation, to achieve a successful past-life regression therapy session? Etc., etc.
Exorcism-resistant ghost possession treated with Clopenthixol.
A 22-year old unemployed Hindu Indian male, in Britain with his family since the age of six, was interviewed while remanded for theft of a taxi, robbery, and kidnap of the driver. He was apprehensive about prison despite previous remands and one short custodial sentence. He admitted the charges, but claimed that his behaviour was under control of a ghost.
The patient experienced his body being taken over by her spirit and also heard the voice of the ghost commenting on his actions and commanding him to act. These are classic first rank symptoms, first listed by psychiatrist Kurt Schneider as being particularly distinctive of schizophrenia.

So this might be an otherwise unremarkable psychiatric case if it were not for the fact that the prison chaplain, and several of the patient’s cellmates, saw the spirit possess the patient as a ghostly mist. The chaplain was convinced this was a genuine case of possession, as had priests from several other faiths who had previously carried out exorcisms on the patient.
Exorcism having failed, we prescribed trifluoperazine (4mg daily) producing apparent remission. Following return to remand prison, he was commenced on a depot neuroleptic, zuclopenthixol decanoate, remaing in remission 12 weeks later following hospital transfer.