Question Regarding Human Enhancement/Neuroscience


I was interested in joining these forums with the hope that some of you may have a background in Bio-engineering, Human Enhancement, or Neuroscience, as I was interested in raising a question I feel has rather important implications. As I am an expert in none of these fields, forgive me if I'm asking a rather basic question.

My question is regarding utilization of technology or genetics to enhance the abilities of the human prefrontal cortex. Given the ethical implications of such advancements, I was curious if research in such an area could be worked on or is theoretically feasible. If it is possible, are there scientists out there willing to work on these areas in other countries? I am familiar with some types of genetic engineering that have major implications for humans (such as significantly improving the memories of fruit flies), but I have no idea how far along scientists are to making such adjustments (either genetically or via technology) in humans, or whether such research has been banned in most countries. I imagine banning such research would be quite problematic, as one could be assured that at least some countries must be researching such areas (and likely with far less idealistic motivations).

I raise these questions because I am also interested in having a discussion over the potential ramifications of such advancements. It seems a lot of our current medical research is focused on improving health and increasing the human lifespan, which seems like a questionable choice considering the problematic impacts of population growth. I sometimes feel like Western society is incapable of properly handling population growth, as proposed "solutions" such as increased contraception use alone do not seem capable of addressing the issue. I sometimes feel that the only way of addressing the issue is to increase our cognition so that we are more capable of utilizing future oriented thinking, though we would also need to increase humanities ability to empathize about future generations.

I'm curious if anyone has any information on these developments, or is interested in discussing this topic. I realize more recent projections of population growth are less bleak than some of the ones I've seen in the past, but there is no question we still need to address the issue more effectively. Additionally, population growth could become a far more problematic issue than we previously projected if we continue to develop methods of increasing human health and longevity.