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2006 UK Channel 5 documentary 'The Boy Who Lived Before' about Cameron Macaulay, investigated by Jim Tucker (an interesting but inconclusive case, unusual for being investigated properly as it developed):
Part 1
Online book:

Beneath The Surface

My intention with writing this book, is not to prove reincarnation, nor is it to persuade individuals one way or the other. My intention is to share my experience, and help those who have past life memories look beyond one lifetime. Books about regressions dominate the book shelves. My intention is to share other ways to experience past lives and the various approaches in which personal validations can be achieved. Meditation, dreams, spontaneous recall, and shared experiences are all valid and important ways to explore past lives. Although contacting a regressionist is a viable way to begin your journey, be sure you look into their credentials before making an appointment. Beyond the different ways that past lives are experienced, I also think it is important to share what my research and memories suggested to me; what we are holding on to, within consciousness at the time of our death, determines our next life experience. Looking for understanding between the past and present is an integral part of past life work. It can also be a vital part of learning to know oneself.
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