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I'm not either. I just thought on a forum like this there might be some genuine psychics.

(This thread is mod+, I am not attempting to provide proof of anything but only to provide information on my experiences. I am posting in answer to what I assume is a sincere question.)

I've described my experiences taking classes in mediumship here: (this link also describes some of the synchronicities I've experienced)

I took classes in spiritual healing at the same time I was studying mediumship. When I was working on certification in healing I collected seven affidavits of healing, where people who received healing through me said they perceived some effect from the treatment. Most people can learn to do spiritual healing, it's unfortunate that this natural human ability is underutilized.

I also have had a number of precognitive dreams:
The link explains how most people can have precognitive dreams if they start keeping a dream log.

Psi wheels are controversial, I think they respond to most people, but I don't believe scientific explanations really can explain why they turn, particularly when inside a jar, or when a jar is "magnetized".

Related links:

I think most people can have these kinds of experiences, with mediumship, it helps to find a good class and that might be hard to do depending where you live. But, there is a huge difference between having experiences in a class in mediumship or having precognitive dreams and giving readings on demand. Spiritual healing and the psi-wheel (which may be the same phenomenon) are more easily produced on demand.
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