Robert McLuhan is back, and online SPR's Psi Encyclopedia is following him

Well, I suppose everyone here is familiar with Robert McLuhan, author of the "Randi's Prize" book, Council Member of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) and blogger. Recently, he found himself involved in a preparation of the online Psi Encyclopedia, which is currently being prepared by the SPR. Since his efforts in the area of encyclopedia-making (and other work for the SPR) have been consuming much of his time recently, he dedcided to make a break in the area of blog-writing.

For months, I have been wisiting his blog, only to see the very same January 2015 post and leave. Yet in October, McLuhan had suddenly returned and posted some new information about the SPR's Psi Encyclopedia:

Regular readers will like to know that the Psi Encyclopedia is a going concern, and with luck will be in business within two or three months, once the glitches have been ironed out. At this early stage there are about a hundred articles contributed by thirty writers, totalling around 350,000 words. It could be four times that within two or three years, and if we keep the momentum up, perhaps as many as 800 entries eventually, including book reviews and short profiles. The balance isn’t as good as I’d like, with not enough on experimental parapsychology. But some well-known people in the field have agreed to contribute, so this should even out quite quickly.

Owing to an oversight, the website briefly escaped into the wild a few weeks back, and there were frequent sightings on Google. I heard from one source that it came up unexpectedly in a search on a psi topic, second only to Wikipedia, and occupied the next three places as well. My own tests weren’t as successful, so the search terms he used must have been pretty specific. But I still found it heartening.
So, there is hope that we would be able to try the new-made encyclodedia some time around January 2016. It would be a pleasant start for a new year, wouldn't it?

The last stuff which was posted on McLuhan's blog is about ghosts - and the upcoming inclusion of several field case "hauntings" (or "apparition phenomena", to call them in a more academic fashion).