Rupert Sheldrake [Resources]

Hi folks. After checking under Rupert Sheldrake in the Skeptiko thread index, I found that whilst Rupert has been of immense interest to folks on this forum judging by the number of threads referencing him, there is as-yet no single "Resources" (as popularised by Sci!) thread to just generally collect useful resources on/by him. This, then, is my attempt to remedy that situation.

I would encourage folks to check the index to see whether any given resource has already been posted, but if you don't care about that, perhaps because you think any given resource deserves to be duplicated or simply because you want to collect stuff in this thread, then I won't fault you!

In any case, this is my opening contribution to the thread: a very fine overview of the evidence for telepathy, none of which will by any means be news to regulars, but which could be very useful as a primer for newcomers to the field, and which is delivered by Rupert in his typically eloquent and understatedly humorous style. Enjoy!

Scientific Evidence for Telepathy | Rupert Sheldrake

(And if this video has been posted before, feel free to flame me!)
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