Mod+ Rupert Sheldrake's DIY On-Line and Off-Line Psi Experiments

This thread is devoted to the do-it-yourself experiments posted by Rupert Sheldrake at his website, For the purposes of this thread we're assuming psi is real; if you believe that is not the case, that's a different topic, but please still consider doing Sheldrake's experiments. You may surprise yourself!

Many Skeptiko listeners are at least somewhat familiar with Sheldrake's work. He's a biologist and expanded-consciousness luminary and has been interviewed and/or consulted several times for Skeptiko. Some may not be aware yet, or may have forgotten, that Sheldrake has been a leader in making simple psi tests readily available for anyone to use. The rationale, at least in part, is simple: if the dominant materialist blockage is too resistant, do an end run. Let people try it for themselves. The relevant web site for the experiments is:

The quickest and easiest experiment is an audio anticipation test which you can do immediately, by yourself, on-line. It takes about six minutes. Other experiments given there are somewhat more involved and require you to recruit one or more partners, but are still readily doable if you have any friends:(.

Here are the results for the first fifteen months of the online staring experiment (2003-2005), involving 343 pairs of participants:

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