Sharada | Uttara Huddar - an Ian Stevenson Xenoglossy case. Do the analysis.

In the 1970s, famed reincarnation researcher Ian Stevenson encountered a woman who could fluently speak a form of Bengali spoken some 150 years earlier. Modern Bengali contains about 20 percent English loan words, Bengali Professor P. Pal told Stevenson. But this woman had long conversations with Professor Pal without using a single one. On the other hand, she used more Sanskrit words, just as Bengalis did around 1810 to 1830, the hypothesized time period of her past life.

She spoke completely fluently as though she were raised in Western Bengal, a region she had many memories of, though she had never been there in this life. She was born and raised in Nagpur, India, speaking Marathi, as well as a bit of Hindi and English.

When this woman, Uttara Huddar, was 32 years old, a new personality emerged calling itself Sharada. Huddar had not talked about remembering a past life before this point. She had a double M.A. degree in English and public administration and she was a part-time lecturer at Nagpur University until she started sharing her body with what could be called a discarnate woman.

Sharada, this new personality, could not speak or understand any of the languages Huddar could. Sharada didn’t recognize Huddar’s family or friends, and she was baffled by the many instruments invented after the Industrial Revolution. Huddar’s family didn’t know any Bengali and they were unfamiliar with the ethnic foods and other things Sharada desired.

Here is Stevenson's case report

Have a read and share your thoughts and analyses.
^ Thanks. I disagree with her stated conclusion:
My conclusion will be that, although fraud can probably be discounted in all these cases, the linguistic evidence is too weak to provide support for the claims of xenoglossy.
My conclusion is: the evidence cannot provide definitive evidence of xenoglossy but is more than strong enough to prevent ruling it out.

I will also that finding what some other person thinks is no substitute for doing your own reading and analysis. ;)
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