SHARED death experiences (better evidence than NDE's)

A very commonly reported occurance, though not talked about as frequently in NDE circles is the SHARED death experience. These are people who are at the bedside of sick people and experience the death of the person in a profound spiritual way. This can take shape in many forms (im currently reading Dr Moody's book on the topic). Commonly reported occurances include the room changing shape or bending, accompanying the person towards the light, conversing with the person in spirit form, and looking down at their own body sitting still while they are out of body and accompanying the deceased in spirit form.

Check this out. Its just beyond incredible.

There are also cases where people in the same life threatening situation share an NDE. And there are apparitions seen by more than one person at a time.
That’s right, there was that crazy case of all those Chinese folk almost buried alive who experienced a mass NDE-like episode. I’ll see if I can dig it up.