Sheldrake/Shermer Debate: Comment

A fascinating debate started this month between Sheldrake and Shermer, hosted by an organization called "The Best Schools" It's well worth following here:

Besides the interesting ongoing discussion taking place between the two, with some fascinating points each tries to make, I have found the comments section also a bit entertaining and informative. Today I came across a comment by a Paul Burr which I thought was insightful regarding Michael Shermer and his brand of skepticism. See below:

Paul Burr says
May 27, 2015 at 9:26 am

I will certainly submit Michael Shermer has a masters in the science of propaganda. The psychological implications fueling the propagandized rhetoric spewed openly from Shermer suggest a deep-seated motivation stemming from, and locked into, a narrow bubble of consciousness. It seems as though, if one was sincere in furthering science in the 21st century, one would be open to the evidence provided from men with scientific honor, such as Dr. Sheldrake demonstrates in many ways.

It appears Michael cares little about evidence which over-shadows the darkness within the dogma of materialism with the light of mere reason and logic. Shermer has a way of “massaging” the evidence discovered with spoon-fed rhetoric, say for example, in the genome research project, to fit his materialistic stance. It amazes me at the hubris displayed where humility should rein. Going into this research, Shermer and his camp was assured the research would unveil a world which would substantiate Darwinian biology as the end-all mastery of decoding human DNA. What this research in fact revealed, ran contrariwise to the projected outcome (however ID had predicted the outcome with certain precision).

After the results from the genome project was founded, quantum biology has become a leading paradigm for furthering the scientific endeavor to understand more about us living biological beings. As like classical physics where materialism and naturalistic laws are no longer valid at the quantum level (where they break down entirely), so to, it appears, parallels biological science.

I was at one time taken aback by the astounding arrogance being displayed by certain atheistic-minded scientists such as Dawkins, Harris, Krauss, etc. And their sidekicks such as Shermer and Dennett, but no longer am I demystified by such unethical behavior. Running scared creates a mound of overwhelming actions not concurring with a state of acceptable pretenses. These men it appears, has positioned themselves between the anvil of reality and the hammer of life, where they continuously suffer from the bludgeoned sequences of the advancing quantum sciences.

I stand in awe over the integrity of scientists whom stand in battle with the dogma of materialism. To name a few: Henry Stapp, Paul Davies, Neil Turok, Rupert Sheldrake. There are many others who stand on, not only the integrity of science, but their own inner convictions as well. I’m not a religious man in the contemporary sense, but I’m fully aware of a “Spirit” of the times. Good and evil, it appears, has found another battleground in the sciences.

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Yes: the comments are good . . . and intelligently written. I read quite a ways down and was (pleasantly) surprised by how much I agreed with almost every one I read.