Signs from Beyond?

The UK's Daily Mail this week carried a double page spread about a TV personality who swears that feathers appearing to her are a sign from her deceased daughter.

I've heard of this kind of thing before and generally dismissed it as wishful thinking....I mean feathers do fall off millions of birds naturally, so no need to assign this phenomena to apports from beyond the grave.

Surely real evidence would be the appearance of objects obviously out-of-place such as pink marbles, cotton reels or an apple on top of the wardrobe!

Nevertheless I suppose the spirits might find it easy to transport white feathers into unlikely places to keep us guessing or letting us know the dead do survive.....

Yes, I do write rather tongue-in-cheek, but I wonder if there is any serious research on this?

Here's the Daily Mail's feature:
One possibility is that something can be both mundane and meaningful at the same time. It isn't always necessary for something to be so improbable that it could only have a 'supernatural' explanation in order for it to be significant. For example a symbol such as a bird or an animal encountered in a dream may also be encountered in everyday life, and a similar symbolic interpretation may also be appropriate. I often feel that dreaming and waking life can use the same methods of communication.