Skeptiko Transcripts

I did some research and there are many online transcription services. I found rates of between $0.75 to $1.50 USD per minute. So a one hour show would cost $45 to $90 dollars.

One issue is paying more to get faster turnaround.

But the biggest issue is how many would actually contribute money towards this project?
I believe it was Alex's wife who did the transcripts during the first years of Skeptico, and I can imagine it is quite a painstaking work to do these transcripts. Unless one is a trained secretary or something - with a keen talent for quick-typing and fluently transcribe spoken words to text with a headset and a keyboard - I imagine it will take several hours to get just a 1-hour interview to text. I sure know it's not something I would wanna do - even if I would get paid for it, which I guess she wasn't. And I guess she got fed up with it. :)

I for one really like podcasts because you can do lots of other boring stuff - things that doesn't demand your full attention - while listening to it - like; making dinner, doing the dishes, going for a jog or a walk with the dog, doing some workout, or shopping, etc. Reading a long-ass interview in a paper, or on some blogg, on the other hand, you hardly can do anything else while reading it.
Viva la Podcasts. :)