Mod+ Solving Crimes & Finding Missing Persons Using Psychic Ability - The Possibilities & Limitations


PAM CORONADO: “You won’t want to miss this special, extended Afterlife TV episode with psychic detective Pam Coronado. One of the top psychic detectives in the world who starred in the TV series Sensing Murder, Pam teaches us about solving crimes & finding missing persons using intuitive ability—both the possibilities & the limitations. You’ll be captivated by Pam's fascinating story of what led her into this calling. Then discover what life is like working with police on violent crimes, what it means on a spiritual level when cases are not solved, what crime victims now in spirit think & feel about their cases being solved, and why some people in spirit don’t want their bodies to be found at all. Plus, learn why Pam Coronado no longer uses mediumship in her work (a surprising insight), how crime victims typically leave their bodies before the violence, and the way crime victims now in spirit want to be remembered. All this and more is contained in this eye-opening Afterlife TV episode.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV
Cool, I'm not the only one on here who listens to Afterlife TV! Too bad I'm just not attracted to psychic detectives... hey, did you catch that one episode with the lady who did spirit drawings, and had that Peak-in-Darien experience? Whoa!