Mod+ Strange Link between Mind and Quantum Physics Confirmed by New Experiments


Perhaps the most interesting finding was that certain individuals proved to be significantly more successful at influencing the photons' behaviour. The unique factor in these individuals was that almost all of them were highly experienced in either meditation or some kind of attentional training.
The only problem was that the effect had not yet been replicated by independent scientists. That was, until now.

In recently published experiments, conducted by the physicist Gabriel Guerrer Ph.D. at the University of São Paulo, the apparent mind over matter effect has been observed once again, and with similarly high statistical significance.

Just as observed previously by Radin and his colleagues, Guerrer found that participants are able reduce the wave distribution of photons in a double-slit system, simply by directing their attention towards it.

According to Guerrer, this effect points to
"a not yet mapped form of interaction between a conscious agent and a physical system"

Read Guerrer's full published report on these experiments here.