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There are a great many features to the classical near-death experience (NDE). Many critics have seen this as somehow detrimental to the reality of the experience. That such variety in reports is in some way supportive of its unreality. Such critics are both completely unfamiliar with the breadth of the literature and indeed of the fallacy of such thinking in and of itself. In just the same way that any given individual would explain his unique experience of the "waking world", the NDE is home to a variety of features, and yet is strikingly consistent and familiar no matter who is relaying the message or indeed where and when that message is relayed. Fundamentally, there is a set of experiences which can be had within the confines of the near-death experience and while all of these will not be experienced all of the time; some will reliably be experienced every time. But even this is a vast oversimplification as the similarities between near-death accounts are far more consistent and specific than any two relevantly separated accounts of Earthly life. Many authors have attempted to account for these similarities using various models but it is enough here for us to know this is the case.

One of these features and the topic of this particular paper is the fascinating persistence of telepathy as a means of communication in the land of the dead. By telepathy we mean some form of thought or idea transfer which is specifically cited by a great many of those who return as the primary means of communication. Although those familiar with the term may consider telepathy to be in some way a more" indirect" or "etheric" form of communication, we will soon see that it has been described by those who have ventured beyond the veil of death as far more instantaneous, efficient and less prone to misinterpretation than the spoken word could ever hope to achieve. We will then briefly ponder the implications of such consistencies in reports. The main idea here is documentation of the fact itself, the results of which may be considered however the reader sees fit. It is however hoped to be established beyond doubt that during the time of the near-death experience, non-verbal communication is completely ubiquitous as the primary means of communication.
That is very interesting, and it seems to fit with my guess that ordinary physical senses offer an approximation of non-physical equivalents - for example NDE sight clearly can't involve the focussing of light photons because it typically takes place from somewhere near the ceiling, where there would be nothing physical to perform this task.

It is worth noting that some NDE's also involve music - perhaps there is also a non-physical version of this.

It suggests to me that consciousness has it's own way of collecting and processing information separate from what we experience in our physical bodies. When an NDEr comes back to their physical body, they seem to agree that the experience was ineffable. But we ask them to put it into words anyway. The information they come back with ends up being translated into words that are influenced by that individual's culture and beliefs. Visions of Jesus, Mohammed, and dear departed Grandma may all be the same information, just processed by different individuals.

That might help to explain why a ghost may be experienced differently by different people rather than just "seen, heard, smelt, felt, or tasted" as a uniform experience. Someone might see the ghost, while others feel or hear something instead. It could be that the information being received by each individual is basically the same, but the interpretations of the experience by our physical bodies are as individual as we are. We aren't really seeing a ghost with our eyes. We experience a ghost with our consciousness.
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Ian Gordon

Nice. I'm reading some NDE accounts right now, and I too sometimes get sidetracked by some of the differences, and, for example, I'll start wondering about whether the religious figures encountered (Jesus, whatever) are an unconscious creation, but then I keep seeing and remembering these fundamentals that seem to be always there. Telepathy is a very good example of that. And of course you consistently encounter it in mediumship, ADCs, OBEs/astral travel, as well...