Telepathy test: which word did I write?

Which word did I write?

  • automobile

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  • boat

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  • submarine

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Hi, I invite you to participate in a new, simple, telepathy test. I shall also ask you to answer a complementary question, which is difficult, but important for me (and perhaps also important beyond me)

At about 3:00 p.m. on this Friday September 9 (Brussels, Belgium time), I wrote carefully one of the four words: "automobile", "boat", "plane", and "submarine" on my sheet of paper, and I surrounded it with a rough ellipse. Then, I wrote it again twice.

I shall repeat this word from time to time during this test.

I ask you to write it here (if you think you know it, even with a doubt). You may also answer "I don't know".

It may be useful, also, that you explain briefly how confident you are in your answer (for example: "almost sure", or "not sure, can't decide between ... and ...", or "completely random answer").

Thank you for participating.

Complementary question:

If you feel you have the necessary knowledge to answer, I also would like to read your reply to this additional question:
"Are you still able to perceive part of my thoughts when you are either inside a submerged submarine, or scuba-diving (preferably) in the sea?"
If you have an uncle who is a former submariner, or a brother who is keen on diving, I would appreciate it if you could ask them (electromagnetic waves are normally absorbed and blocked by conducting seawater, see about this).

I am myself considering the possibility of doing a submarine excursion (for example, here: , in the Canary Islands), in order to investigate whether being underwater could stop the "voices" I often hear in my head (I assume these voices have a telepathic nature). The voices I hear are often hostile, they say that I am responsible for violent events that happen in the world, and seem to be correlated with my own thoughts (for example, I look up air fares - which is something I rarely do - and the next day I learn a plane crash has occurred, with many dead), and that I should therefore "terminate my own life". Psychiatry does not seem to be very useful to deal with these kinds of problems, because my (apparent) telepathy is not clearly recognized by Medicine.

Six years ago, I asked the following question on Yahoo Answers:

Do you sometimes have the odd impression of "knowing what I think"?

Do you sometimes have the odd impression of "knowing what I think" because of an unusual telepathy phenomenon?

My (first) name is Michel, I Iive near Brussels (Belgium).

Also, why (in your opinion) has this phenomenon (if it is real) not been recognized or studied by Science?

Do you think some people believe "a good lie" is better than "the ugly truth"?

im (a member of Yahoo Answers) replied:

"Well, I nearly always know what you think ..."
(see link: for full answer).
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