The Atlantic: "The Science of Near-Death Experiences"



I was perusing the current edition of The Atlantic at a Barnes & Noble this past weekend and stumbled upon this article:

After searching the forum, I didn't see anyone discussing it. Hopefully I didn't miss a previous post. I was not very impressed with the article as I feel it still comes down on the debunker side, ultimately - it even gives the final word to Susan Blackmore of all people! (granted, her final word is becoming ever more nuanced than it has been in the past).

Nonetheless, IANDS seems to feel the article is "fair and balanced":

I suppose it is "fair and balanced" compared to many previous articles written on the topic which just write off the phenomena - but I think the way Pam Reynolds is sort of brushed aside as ultimately non-compelling is yet again an unmerited deference to the fundamaterialists. Additionally, Lichfield doesn't seem to have thoroughly done his homework on the Eben Alexander/Esquire affair, which leaves Alexander looking something of a fraud - also unmerited, in my opinion.

Just bringing it up for discussion. Again, I suppose it is a step in the right direction - but it is soooo many steps behind where popular discourse on the matter ought to be by now, based on all we know.