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The Path

Epis·te·mol·o·gy: The study or a theory of the nature and grounds of
knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity.

I do not do time well, so I do not know exactly when we left the
Northwest and headed for the deserts of Arizona. It must have been
around five or six years ago, now. Nor is it the first time that my
wife and I had forsaken a successful lifestyle and started over.
Previous to this exodus, we left the Midwest in the late 70s and lived
with two of our young sons in a Sioux Tepee for two years. Something
seemed to be driving us beyond the concept of success that is accepted paramount for humanity. For me, the drive seemed to be external, as if someone or something wanted more. And that feeling retained the illusion of being external until I began to understand the nature of our illusion.

Ken is a friend. Ken had followed me through all my discoveries, my
theories and my beliefs. Offering appropriate criticism and ample
encouragement, Ken watched me make many transitions in my belief and reality structure. From my longhaired, teepee dweller days to the
Pentecostal preacher, he remained available and had proclaimed more
than once, 'Bill, you should write a book.'

I had considered doing just that, bur my pet theories about the 'why
and how' of metaphysical phenomena did not hold water. Standing alone, each made sense. But when juxtaposed, beliefs and theories exposed contradictions. During my stay in Arizona, I began going over my notes and consolidating them into something that made sense to me. It was during this time that the essence of the illusion slowly became clear to me.

The essence of the illusion contains three elements, separation,
limitation and meaning.

Separation? There is no separation. While scientists excitedly apply
their newfound computer technology in an attempt to discover the
greatest number in the universe, and monks sit atop the mountain
contemplating all the names of God, a simple truth remains. The
greatest number is One. One includes all. There is only The One.

Limitation? There is no limitation. While scientists disregard data in
an attempt to support theory, and monks study data in an attempt to
discover theory, a simple truth remains. There is no limitation. What
the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.

Meaning? There is no meaning. While scientists study the forces of
nature in an attempt to discover the impetus of the big bang and the
resulting physical universe, and monks study the universe in an
attempt to uncover the why of reality, a simple truth remains. All
meaning is self-given. Meaning is the result of perspective.

When these simple observations made their way into consciousness, the words were spoken. 'Whatever you believe in, will work.'

When Ken read my conclusions he said, 'Bill, this IS a book!'

I began to write. Ken made sure that my work would be financially
supported and continued to encourage my on. Another transcribed what
was written, and still another performed the task of editor. Day by
day, week by week, month by month and year by year those that believed labored without compensation other than constant thanks and the knowledge that The Path would become available to the seeker. My wife and family supported and encouraged the work with understanding though the days and nights that they went without the husband, father and friend, knowing that The Path was being written.

Knowledge is not the same as knowing. Knowledge can be imparted by
example. Knowing comes from within. The task of writing The Path
without implying another belief system required that I set the mental
aside. It became a constant vision to bring the reader to the place of
Knowing that he or she is always in the center of The One. The
commission to display an understanding that each step along The Path
is the result of personal choice became an almost overwhelming task.

Balance is.

The voice of Awareness was always clear.

'We do not desire to tell you what to believe; we desire to tell you
why you believe as you do. We do not wish to tell you what path to
take; we wish to inform you that you are on The Path. Whatever you
believe in, will work.'

And the most urgent feeling or impression was that the circle must be

In The One, freedom of choice is the prime directive. Any teaching
that proclaims an understanding of the past and predicts the course of
the future is replete with separation, limitation and meaning.
Knowledge applied is a paradigm in place. The only way out of the
illusion is in Knowing, and Knowing is within. Even this Path must be
your choice.

Epis·te·mol·o·gy: The study or a theory of the nature and grounds of
knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity.

Knowledge is limited to the perspective of the observer and is valid
only for the observer. Knowing applies to every aspect of reality and
makes clear every observer's knowledge. Knowing is within. The Path
brings Knowing.

And the circle is closed.​