The case of samsara where I live.

there is a case. A 35-year-old driver died, many years later a 5-year-old boy showed signs of his driver's death, which was confirmed by his relatives. But the radio did a rather ridiculous rebuttal, the reporter took a math high school test for the baby, the baby could not and he concluded the baby was acting, and assumed that because of the baby Baby do test that proves this is just acting.
Quite silly, even though it does not mean that the 5-year-old will complete a test for a person with a 16-year-old brain, and indeed a normal person has graduated after many years. It is unlikely that I will be able to complete my school attendance test
after many years.
And the drivers in my country, they are often have very poorly educated.
Another case is a guy whose memories he was a doctor and verified, the reporter also made a tip question, what is his academic performance now, he said he had bad record.
The reporter made the conclusion that if he had been a doctor he must at least have a good record and also conclude that he was lies.
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