The End of All Evil

This is an absolute must read. Put aside all thoughts of nationality, put aside all beliefs and read it in its entirety, even if you disagree with some of the sentiments, read it to the end. It's only 98 pages but probably the most important 98 pages anyone could read.

You Have Infinite Value

With freedom, all things are possible. Technology, health, wealth and knowledge are all facets of power. Each of these improve the lives of human beings. The fruits of liberty are everything good; and bring peace, prosperity and joy.

You live after the era of wars, and the only remaining step in the pattern of liberty is to answer the question held in the minds of people around the world. The lies of millennia have not stopped the unquenchable thirst for freedom that grows within the hearts of every person on earth. They are poised and ready to take the freedom that is rightfully theirs. They need only hear that freedom is possible, that freedom is real.

You are the key. To teach the people of earth the value that they have within themselves you need only speak, and tell them that every good thing is theirs to have. You need only tell them that the glory of liberty is real, and that it belongs to them.

This war is already won. Evil has already been crippled. Every human being on earth is ready to rise and let the chains that held them crumble to dust. This world will be free. If you can see your own value, then stand tall. Ye are called unto liberty.