Mod+ The Fairy Faith

This is a very sensitive treatment of the belief in fairies and a really beautifully filmed documentary. The film makes the connection between fairies as inter-dimensional visitors and modern UFO lore. It points out that fairies are not good or evil, but "alien" in terms of how they behave. It also demonstrates that even the search for fairies can open you up to a larger experience of being.

I would like to remind everyone that this is a mod+ thread, and as such requires a gentle treatment of the topic in keeping with the spirit of the documentary.


Here is a quote from the documentary (~17:17 min) that seems quite relevant to the recent podcasts on UFO abductions:

It's worth pointing out that fairies have not always been figures with wings that flit from leaves to trees, to lily leaves on ponds, waving wands and shining brightly. In early folk fairy lore - and remember fairy lore has been with us for hundreds and thousands of years - the fairies were often highly unpleasant. They'd steal children. They'd abduct people from quiet country roads. And they'd return them often days, weeks, months, years later...These people having no recollection of any missing time at all. Fairies were enchanters, fairies were deceivers, and the very word "fairy" refers to the sort of enchantment spell they cast over people.
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From my perspective, a lot of the conflation of fae and ETs is with the people who think/write about the topic, not with those who interact with either or both. It's one of those viewpoints that come from the "that makes sense, right?" school. As for fairy - in even the most romanticized tales there are "good" fairies and "bad" fairies. Also, what most English speakers call fairies are only one type of faire-folk.