Mod+ The god helmet vs TMI


. The God Helmet and all the attention it got is sort of backassward. Why? Because Persinger’s entire design is, at least loosely, based on the work of Robert Monroe as far as I can tell. I’ve yet to see anyone mention this.
Back in the 70s Monroe developed what he referred to as hemi-sync technology that syncs the hemispheres of the brain to help induce a sleep paralysis state, which is the gateway to astral projection. Of course, Monroe’s techniques accomplish this via calculated sound patterns broadcast into headphones. All Persinger did was go, hmmm, maybe we could do similar shit with electromagnetic pulses because that would be more science-y.

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I believe Robert Monroe's technique is different to Persinger's, K9. With Monroe's method they are admitted into a chamber (hemi-sync) where specific sounds are played into their ears (binaural beats I think). This changes their brainwave patterns into alpha-then -theta and delta waves. They have electrodes on the head but these are only to monitor the brainwaves.

I think Persinger's helmet simply stimulates the lobes of the brain in the hope of producing something ...anything that might be associated with what is seen during an NDE but as far as I know it's not been successful with Dickie Dawkins being a noted experimental failure. go to 24.30 for a look at the Monroe chamber.