The Inner Mammalian Institute.


Dr. Loretta Breuning, who was a professor of Management for over 20 years at California State before she left academia to launch her own think-tank, The Inner Mammalian Institute.

Through the Institute, Breuning spreads awareness of how people can “build power over their mammalian brain” to become happier and healthier—and she contends her new book is an extension of her thinking on that subject.
Breuning argues that it is natural to be politically correct—since humans are social animals and the pressure to conform is innate—but contends that people can fulfill their intrinsic emotional needs without resorting to political correctness.
some people are “addicted” to political correctness, Breuning says, noting that “if political correctness brought you rewards in youth, you got wired to seek good feelings from political correctness, and fear the loss of it.”

“You are effectively addicted to political correctness,” she declares. “It's better than substance addiction, but the two often go together. New neural pathways are hard to build, but it’s possible with repetition.”

Breuning argues that escaping political correctness isn’t about making a political statement. Instead, she argues that it can make well-intentioned people very unhappy in the long-run, since it “teaches you to be a powerless victim.”

“It wants you to be unhappy because that’s regarded as the engine of revolution. Political correctness makes you unhappy by fomenting unrealistic expectations of utopia, and inciting resentment and jealousy,” she says, adding that it’s “terrible for mental health.”​