The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

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The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (IJTS) is dedicated to theory, research, practice, and discourse in the area of transpersonal studies. Transpersonal studies may be generally described as a multidisciplinary movement concerned with the exploration of higher consciousness, expanded self/identity, spirituality, and human potential.

IJTS publishes original theoretical, analytic, methodological, empirical (both qualitative and quantitative), practice-oriented, and artistic articles that focus upon topics falling within the domain of transpersonal studies. IJTS is committed to maintaining a focus on transpersonal experience, concepts, and practices while embracing theoretical, methodological, and cross-disciplinary pluralism; that is, IJTS is committed to ensure that the fullest possible range of approaches to inquiry and expression are represented in the articles published. Though there is no restriction on who may publish in the IJTS, emphasis is given to the publication of articles from a spectrum of international contributors and from varying disciplinary perspectives.