The Most Nuanced Listen in a While

This is the most nuanced thing I've listened to in a while. And I love nuance.

Conversation with Venetia Campbell, on foregoing introductions, the Liminal Language Lab, Jasun & Venetia’s alternate perspectives, the difference between God & government, the ceiling of psyops, obvious operations, Egyptian language as embodiment, the decline of Egyptian knowledge, letting go of the need for symbols, observing Easter (or not), the difference between receiving and generating spiritual experiences, fanning the flame of the whisper, a headful of knowledge, an inter-dimensional hole, experiencing migrant situation in Europe, how media distorts the reality of life happening, a media circus, global polarity, liminality in Europe, the plunger of light, all things must pass, losing the middle way, belief in the young, passing the generational baton, foul thoughts of political incorrectness, being of a passing generation, the reality of growing older, in the Calais jungle, KKK & Occupy Wall Street as complementary ideologies, how the gods made Donald Trump, monsters from the id, the violence of fixed ideologies, the laws of duality, responding from awareness, social engineering a non-dual world, literalizing a positive impulse, a transformative glance, a writer’s challenge, a gentling of awareness, a flame that won’t be extinguished, where the mind has no answer, death & the eternal, losing the mind, nothing to talk about, language, identity, & survival, the mind as infiltrant, ancestral lineages ascending, ancestral fragment addictions, the mind-body struggle, addicted to thought patterns, feeding the scripts, loving the patterns back home, the spiritual battleground, honoring the wound, individuating and integrating the ancestors, ancestral and karmic influences, soul fragmentation and incarnation, meeting our fragments, MK-ULTRA and directed trauma, Barry Long’s mythology, skepticism and gullibility, Christ-talk, seeing through the human condition, the rotten core, cracking the shell.