The Myth of an Afterlife: The Case against Life After Death

I wasn't aware of this book until Ed Kelly brought it to my attention. Keith Augustine is one of the co-editors. There are chapters on NDE's, Reincarnation, etc. It's a hefty tome. Ed estimates it would take about six months or so to do a thorough critique, but hardly anyone would read it. *sigh*

I did notice that Robert McLuhan reviewed it for the JSPR. Anyone have electronic access to the review? I would like to get my hands on it.
I just looked a bit more at the volume. A lot of the articles are reprints or slight reworkings of previously published material. Susan Blackmore's contributions, for example, were written before I was born (!) and were not updated at all. The chapters by Leonard Angel and Augustine also seem to advance arguments they have set out elsewhere.
I've seen reviews elsewhere. I think the takeaway message is that the book is deliberately unbalanced, it aims to present one side of the case. It may make for comforting reading for those who share its beliefs, but anyone seriously interested in these subjects should look deeper.
I've seen Keith Augustine debate online. Balanced he ain't. He also struck me as someone who hadn't read much of the material he opposes.