The Rose Rune

This is something I've been debating about posting for awhile now for many reasons but I figure it's better posted than not. I'm also doing it because I will be referencing the rose rune when I eventually post my May 1st OBE thing because a lot of what I've learned since that OBE mixes a lot with what I learned from the rose rune.

Anyways, way back at the very end of February/beginning of March 2017 I got to see the results of an opportunistic poltergeist I did maybe a few weeks prior. My girlfriend called me over to a potted rose plant. I saw that one of the buds was shaking in a stable back and forth manner. It was like a very fast metronome. I thought it was pretty cool but then she told me to “feel” it, as in, with energy. Amazingly the bud was shooting off a thin, jagged stream of energy intense enough that it physically hurt my hand. I couldn't help but think that the energy coming off of it felt incredibly similar to mine in terms of its nature even though I couldn't feel my energy signature in it.

We picked up the plant and moved it around to make sure it wasn't the wind somehow doing it. We even grabbed the bud to make it stop but as soon as we let go it went right back to shaking. It was hard to deny that it was clearly energy related, especially wth the plant giving off a sharp, painful beam of it that you could plainly feel. Initially I assumed that it was a random occurrence but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was related to me.

At some point during that my memory got jogged and I remembered the poltergeist that I'd unknowingly done. Although I resited it at first. I never believe my own memories when it involves the paranormal, I always assume that somehow it's either a fake memory, wish fulfillment, or some other kind of mistake. I'm deathly afraid of becoming one of those people who believes everything that pops into their head. After meeting so many “spiritual” people who believed they were God, Jesus, God's first thought, an eight headed dragon that eats souls which makes them reincarnate, and so forth. I'm deathly afraid that I'm no different from them with what believe and experienced and do whatever I can to try and remain “rational” about the paranormal. Rational usually translates into denying that it even happened which has a very noticeable impact on my ability to perform.

In said poltergeist, I had found myself projecting to that rose plant. I saw the bud and wondered if maybe reikiing it would help it grow. After a little bit of reiki I didn't want to have to sit there and do it myself and wanted to test out an idea to automate the process. I wanted to create a stable energy vortex inside of the bud which would cause energy to be constantly drawn into the plant and circulated. But when I tried the energy was struggling to shove its way through the plants flesh. After a couple tries to get a stable, self sustained vortex formed I decided it would require far too much energy to overcome the plants resistance let alone persist for very long.

So I came up with plan B, form the ball outside of the plant, tether it to the bud, and shoot energy into it from the outside through the tether. This was based on the last time I tried to do something like this, although that time was for jiggling a doorknob. But this time I wanted to correct some of the inefficiencies of the process that I saw last time.

I don't know if I'm going to explain this right but I'll try. The vortex is made by condensing a bunch of energy and then swirling it. The swirl is created by pulling energy in one area and then letting it overflow from another. Creating a permanent net-low pressure that ensures the energy keeps flowing. If done correctly, and assuming nothing disturbs it, this would last literally forever. But I'm not that skilled yet. The intake in this case served only to delay the inevitable. Partially replenish the energy overflowing on the other side.

As the initial pool of energy gets used up, the ball gets weaker, making it easier to destabilize or “pop”. Eventually it will be weak enough that minor air movements are enough to destroy the vortex. I can't remember if I did this at the time but one way to counter this is to code the ball to shrink as it loses energy so it maintains its density and strength for longer. If I didn't, I should've. What I did do is try to correct one of the inefficiencies of the last time, where a huge chunk of the energy the ball was shooting at it's target was totally wasted. Being the equivalent of just blowing mist at the target. I couldn't make the beam more cohesive if I remember correctly but I could syphon off about 90% of the waste energy and use it for something else. In this case I used it to form another ball, programmed the same way as the first. Initially the syphoned energy would pool into another ball but without any overflow. The overflow was locked via the tether between the two balls. So a huge chunk of the energy of the first ball was used to fuel the creation of a second ball tethered to an adjacent leaf. Eventually as the first ball started losing energy and the second started gaining energy the pressure flowing through the tether would begin to equalize. When it became close to equal the tether would lose cohesiveness and snap, freeing the second balls overflow. The whole process would begin again. Energy would flow down the tether into the leaf while as much of the mist as possible was syphoned off to form a third ball. Then a fourth, then fifth, sixth, etc, etc. In the poltergeist I remember thinking that this might last a few hours at best.

Well... it lasted five days. The metronome like shaking spread from the bud to various leaves. Slowly getting weaker all the time. After the first couple of days I was convinced the memory was accurate since it was the best explanation for what I was seeing in front of me.

It was groundbreaking. This was the very first time I watched magic happening in front of me. Before this I'd only ever seen the aftermath of a poltergeist and it always left some doubt in my mind that it was real. In other geists, purposeful and opportunistic, I'd always try leaving “calling cards” to prove to myself that not only was their no other explanation other than a geist, but that it was my geist.

Such as for my former best opportunistic geist where I arranged deck furniture a very specific way in the backyard, only grabbing the chairs and tables furthest from the edge so that it would seem nonsensical to think that wind could've done it. Because what, did the wind just decide that the chair right at the edge of the stairs was too heavy and picked up the one behind it and flew it all the way over top of it without just shoving through the first one instead? And then specifically placing it, upside down, in the very middle of the lawn. As well as putting a glass table on the other side of the railing under a tree to make it even more improbable that wind had anything to do with it. Because what, did the wind pick the table up, vertically, over the railing, and throw it under the tree? Without damaging it? A glass table? No, probably not. Probably it's the poltergeist I think I'm remembering at the moment.

But unlike the backyard furniture one, this one was still going. It freaked me out. We contemplated taking video of the shaking but decided against it. It's not like it could act as proof of anything and there wasn't anything to gain by having the video. I was scared of having video too, I don't know why, probably just because of my fear of magic. But I also figured that I'd eventually be tempted to show someone and try to claim a bunch of paranormal stuff that I simply couldn't back up. I don't know if it was a good idea not to take video, I have some regrets.

It was the nail in the coffin for any rational doubts about the reality of magic for me though. And by all rights it should have been the end of my doubts about my alleged past life stuff since I just did what I'd done in those memories and it worked. But me being me I just couldn't deem it proof enough of the past life story since technically the story didn't need to be true in order for the vortex to work and it's possible that I just put two and two together on my own. But what I'd made just barely met the definition of a rune and only if I was being very technical about it. In the past life story runes were considered strictly advanced techniques because they required knowledge of all the fundamentals of magic to perform. Condensing, sensing, transforming and moving. Every effect you can imagine can be reduced to some combined application of those 4 things. Arguably you could reduce it further by combining the concepts of transmormation and movement together. And even further by throwing the concept of condensing in there with them. Or you could expand it a bunch by separating a bunch of things. Regardless the point was that runes required understanding of every facet of magic to perform.

Despite the rose rune being incredibly weak, it demonstrated proof that everything that I think I know is possible at the level that I imagine it to be possible. The only real difference between the stuff I think I remember and the rune is a few dozen or hundred kilojoules. The basic methods remain the same.

But there was still one giant problem.. this only happened through a poltergeist. One that I'd done probably at least two weeks before it “really” happened in front of me. As is the case for pretty much every display of magic I've done in the real world these days. It's unbeleviably frustrating. Given that these things do happen it demonstrates that tehy're physically possibnle because if they weren't they wouldn't've happened. But if that's true then why can't I do them in front of myself!? Why does it ONLY WORK via projections and poltergeists!? Logically there isn't a reason why it doesn't work since all I'd really be doing is a very short ranged geist.

I should also explain what an “opportunistic” poltergeist is. I don't always lay down intending to do a poltergeist, sometimes I'm just letting my mind wander and I slip into one by accident. Usually when I notice this I try to do some kind of experiment wherever/whenever I am. Usually, despite all the clues that it's real, I still believe I'm just imagining things and I don't think much of what I'm doing or believe anything will come of it. So it's always surprising when it turns out to be real, despite all the evidence at the time that it was probably going to turn out that way.

I also have to explain the “whenever” pat too. Prety much all of my poltergeists and induced shared dreams do not happen at the time that I do them. Well, they do, it's just thatteh time that they happen hasn't happened yet. Confusing I kow but let me see if I can clear it up. I involuntarily end up remote viewing sometime into the future, or rarely, the past when I do these things. When I'm doing them they are happening at the exact same time as I'm doing them, but since I'm “in the future” what I'm doing doesn't actually happen until time catches up with when I am. I've never managed to accurately determine the time from within a poltergeist. Plus awareness seems to be major factor. My fear of magic seems to cause this time dialation. It seems to push the results away from me either in time, space, or both. My mind appears to not allow events to happen unless I have the ability to dismiss them as just imagination, only then will my energy flow properly to let things happen.

My girlfriend and I have discovered a very linear coorelation between how “real” we believe the world around us is and our abilities to perform magic. The more real we think it is, the less we can do. This seems to be because in our subconscious magic doesn't exist in the “real” world. Whereas it does exist in dreams, projections, and the spirit world. So whenever either of us attempt to do magic in what we think is the “real” world, it doesn't work. This includes in dreams where we believe that we are in the real world.

But I usually think of poltergeists as just imagination while I'm doing them, especially opportunistic ones. And since I'm seeing it all in my mind, however vividly, it's easy to dismiss. If it's happening very far away from me, such as another country, there's no way for me to verify that it's not imagination so there's nothing to break my worldview. If I'm doing it in my own house and I'm not noticing any change, well that just confirms that it's imagination and there's nothing to break my worldview. But it's not uncommon for these things to turn out real later anyways. Many of them have. Which demonstrates that the reality of the world is irrelevant, only the perception of reality matters.

Desensitising myself and changing my subconscious worldview is pretty much my entire training regime these days since I've already demonstrated magic works in the real world many, many times already. The goal is to get my subconscious to understand that there's no functional difference between dreams, projections or “reality” since there's overwhelming evidence that there isn't. Or at the very least that they all share a common set of physics.

It's created something I now call the “tip of the tongue” phenomenon where, when we try to use some specific technique, it will go 99.999...% of the way but just not activate. There's always some tiny, subtle component missing that our subconscious' won't let us push through. It freaks out with the emotional equivalent of “Oh my god what are you doing!? Are you really trying to do magic!? Don't you know that it doesn't exist!? Are you insane you're trying to do something that's NOT REAL!!!!”

The more I desensitise the closer these techniques get to activating, but they're just not there yet. And let's face it, until I'm able to walk up to random people on the street with a crackling ball of energy in my hand, no one is going to care about anything I have to say about magic. I'm just another crazy internet guy who claims they have magic abilities on the internet but can't back anything up a far as anyone is concerned. And for the stuff that I do have video for... I will never show or take credit for in any public way. As far as my subconscious is concerned as long as me and my claims can be easily dismissed then none of them are real and I never have to face the reality that I can actually do things.

But to be honest another thing I am genuinely worried about is some religious fucktard tracking me down and killing me for being the anti-christ or a Djinn or whatever other dumb religious nonsense dumb religious people believe. I wouldn't feel comfortable going public with any sort of demonstration unless I was skilled enough to deal with the inevitable religitard-with-a-hunting-rifle situation myself.

There is another component to the Rose Rune experience thing that I haven't written yet but I'm getting really tired so I'll decide if I really want to include it later. And I know this could probably do with some more editing. That being said if anyone has any ideas of how to get over the hump that I'm still on that'd be awesome.
Thanks for sharing this.

I'm somewhat out of my depth here, the type of phenomena discussed aren't my area.

But a couple of things do resonate. For example the reluctance to go public about things. That I sympathise with. Many times on this forum I've talked about reincarnation, but always in vague generalities. I really feel reluctant, for reasons I'm not sure of, to give any sort of specific details, it just seems like something that could be misinterpreted or could simply not be relevant to anyone else..

The idea of a video you mentioned, that too I can understand. Making a video for your own reference, as a kind of diary, sounds reasonable. But once such a video exists, there might be a feeling of a need to share it - something which these days would be extremely easy, too easy. There are reasons I can see for not even doing it in the first place. But still, there are reasons for and against, it isn't a clear case.
But a couple of things do resonate. For example the reluctance to go public about things. That I sympathise with. Many times on this forum I've talked about reincarnation, but always in vague generalities. I really feel reluctant, for reasons I'm not sure of, to give any sort of specific details, it just seems like something that could be misinterpreted or could simply not be relevant to anyone else..
I share what I share because I'm tired of people feeling scared of being called crazy and whatnot. I know that nearly everyone has stories but feel too isolated to tell anyone. But if one person, such as me, comes out and starts saying a bunch of crazy stuff everyone else starts feeling like they can say stuff too. But more importantly I talk about my stuff in as purely scientific terms as possible. Because of that I've always had a lot of sucess talking to even the most hardened skeptic about the ideas because I will always try to format it all in terms they already know and accept. What drives athestic skeptics away is any and all appeal to emotions because the logic of those has been thoroughly disproven for at least a good hundred years or so.

I mean look through my write up on the rose rune and find me even one hollow love and light platitude or appeal to a higher power or call to some vague concept of morality.

The idea of a video you mentioned, that too I can understand. Making a video for your own reference, as a kind of diary, sounds reasonable. But once such a video exists, there might be a feeling of a need to share it - something which these days would be extremely easy, too easy. There are reasons I can see for not even doing it in the first place. But still, there are reasons for and against, it isn't a clear case.
Yeah It's really not clear, but I do see there being very real danger to what I'm doing from more than one source. I figure the most dangerous are religious people because that's typically where you find the craziest and dumbest of humanity. Doesn't matter how nice and non-violent the majority are, It only takes one with a shotgun to ruin everything.

A guy I've worked with some of this stuff on in Kung Fu once talked about government involvement. Saying "maybe if you learn it it's okay, but let's say you learn it, you teach your friends, they teach their friends, how long does that go on until CSIS comes knocking on your door?" I know, and maybe he does too, that chi, properly and specifically trained, can give individuals the ability to take on firearms at range without need of any weapon themself. It's not unreasonable to think that govenments would be very against the idea of the public knowing that such abilities are possible let alone knowing how to do it themselves.

It also makes me ansy about talking about certain techniques for fear that someone somehow develops them themselves from my descriptions and then uses them to go out killing people. For example, without going into too much detail, the rose rune was a self replicating rune. A very basic and unstable one that didn't last very long in the grand scheme of things. But it probably doesn't take that much imagination to see how a different self replicating rune could create a straight up apocalypse. To be fair that's also part of why runes were strictly advanced knowledge. But I don't want to just describe nothing either sine then no learning can happen. So I often don't know what I should and shouldn't talk about. Since that's the level of stuff I have to take seriously with this I've been trying to plan for how best to deal with the inevitabilities of getting magic.

I'm doing this so I can turn around and teach other people, but I want to minimize the chances of anything bad happening.