***The Skeptiko Random Stuff Thread***

I'm waiting for the newest Halo beta to start. It looks pretty good, but I feel it copies a lot of stuff from the newest CoD, like all the players having the same armor abilities and the armor abilities being remarkably similar to those in the new CoD. Some people hate where 343i is taking the series and the "modern" adaptations they're making, but I enjoy them and think they add some speed to the gameplay. How is Destiny in comparison to the Halo series? I know it's Bungie's new project, but aside from that I don't even know what it's about
I'm a Halo fan (just bought the updated collection to play through with my son) though I was never a big muliplayer player so my experience is more on the campaign. Destiny is like Halo with RPG elements thrown in. The weapons and abilities go way beyond Halo's but as a Halo player the controls will still feel pretty familiar.

Destiny is online only and while there is a fair bit that you can do on your own (I played the story missions the first time basically as a single player game) at one point you really need to team up with people. There's matchmaking for most elements with the exception of the hardest missions, called raids. I haven't tried it yet (only recently got to the minimum level for even trying it) but apparently it is because they are so hard that they really depend on good communication between the players which Bungie thinks only works with people you know.

There is a bit of a grind element to the game, once you've beaten the basic story mode, but I find the new abilities and drive to upgrade weapons, level up until you can do the harder missions keeps you engaged. I did get bored a bit awhile back and took a couple months off, then picked it up again this past week and had as much fun as before.

Multiplayer wise, there aren't as many options as Halo but they are adding more as they go. Still no real ability to customise or have private pvp matches - so if that's what you loved about Halo then you'll be disappointed (I don't know if they're planning on adding it before Desitny 2).

there are always people playing it on twitch, so you can probably get a good sense of it there.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you want to know anything else?