This is good... and ironic.

I stumbled across this. I don't know the context... it seems to be a slide from a presentation though.

For obvious reasons, I thought it was extremely relevant to post here. I thought it sounded a lot like organized Skepticism. The ironic thing is, I saw "Professor Sean Carroll" at the bottom, and when I looked him up I discovered he's an Atheist\Skeptic.

Interesting. Though item 3 seems rather a double-edged sword. It seems to weigh a majority opinion versus a minority, and seemingly supports the majority (presumably representing the status quo), which rather counts against its possible positive value. To some extent item 1 might be read in a similar way, at any rate it is ambiguous.
When you are trying to uphold your ideology and dismiss others, the techniques are generally very similar, whether that ideology is political, scientific, religious, or otherwise. It is ironic that it is said by a skeptic about the sort of person who doesn't simply take science as the new gospel, but at the same time it isn't overly surprising.
So if your idea is large and vague enough and you can use it for a blanket explanation of all sorts of weird stuff we don't currently have an explanation for, it doesn't have to be falsified? Then why is religion questioned at all?

On a sidenote, there are a few entries in that list that go the opposite direction of what we consider to be standard scientific views of stuff like consciousness.
It is jaw dropping, the level of orwellian double-think and lack of self-awareness involved in simultaneously believing his own anti-theist arguments and this multiverse position. The older I get the more convinced I become that there is a direct proportional correlation between intelligence and rationalizing whatever you want to believe, to yourself. Kind of like extreme nearsidedness, brains that function like this could only survive in an advanced civilization. We listen to them at our own peril.

What is really great about this is that is it is a complete projection of their own tactics.

1 Cast doubt on non materialist philosophy .
2 Question integrity of non materialists
3 ditto
4 ditto
5 ?
6 ditto in spades. You constantly hear that if one iota of psi is admitted into the scientific paradigm, the next day we will have reverted to the Dark Ages.

This is what is so fantastically ironic about skeptic/debunker sites often having pages dedicated to mental biases and critical thinking.