Three movies I love, about extraterrestrial and/or nde

1, Dreamcatcher 2003
Based on a novel by Stephen King.
I watched this movie when I was a teenage. It is still thought provoking to this day. It has an nde event in it.

2, Under the Skin 2013
This movie is gorgeous, I love it more than the novel with the same name and by which this movie is inspired.
"Gorgeous" is also a word appeared in this movie, in a conversation.
Many bgm in this movie are just loved by me scorchingly. Sometimes I take this movie as a circa 2 hours music. This music causes me fever chill but helps me calm down, concentrate and deep think.

3, Annihilation 2018
This movie is mind twisting. Its graphics is fantastic. It is a twisting, winding, twining feeling to watch a horror event happening in a region scene as beautiful as Alice in Wonderland.

All of these three movies are thrilling, dismaying, torturing and thought provoking. Though the Dreamcatcher has some elements warm, fragrant, soothing, and nostalgic, the other two are abrim of desperation. I feel sad after watching them but they give some thoughts on what is really going on if many paranormal phenomenon on earth have something to do with extraterrestrial.

Anyway I suppose the real truth is bitter rather than sweet.

I also once watched the movie Dark City 1998. I heard by it in 1998, when I was only a junior middle school student, but watched it many years later. This movie is great, especially under its fairly early filming period. However I love Dreamcatcher more, love Annihilation even more, and love Under the Skin the most. I'm very grateful to this forum, very grateful to whoever created this world with human species. It is really very very nice to communicate with you all, all are human. After watched these movies I feel it is good to be a human and surrounded by many other humans. It is a boon to be with souls who are emotional rather than to be with something emotionless.
Just wanted to quote this for its poetry.
English language is difficult to learn as I hope to master English language as fluent as a native speaker, without needing to think of my own mother language first before translating into English sentences when I want to express a meaning.
When I read many others' writing in this nice forum or wherever, I could fathom (or I thought I could) what they meant but I don't know why that meaning was expressed in that particular way, using those particular words.
So, without fully understanding which word to use in which situation, when I write English sentences to try to convey my meaning as clearly and detailed as I can, I often use weird words. Or at least don't conform to the habit of a native English speaker. :)
And sometimes your "weird" words are poetic. :)
Thank you. :) It's like I'm a toddler, haven't learned how to speak properly, but still intuitively cry for asking food and toy, and stretch arms and hands as further as I can to try to fetch them, equivalent to my loving English language and my eager to express my meaning as clearly and detailed as I can. So far I'm feeble to achieve this goal especially when expressing some meaning which is difficult to express, or likely be in subtle ambiguity, this forum is a wonderful place to keep learning.:)
Edit: I made a mistake, I should use word "infant" rather than "toddler".
As children usually learn to speak first then to learn walk. :D
I don't know if you aware of it, but you can edit your posts in place. Look at the bottom left of your post. In one of mine, for example, I can see Michael Larkin, Tuesday at 8:29 PM Edit Delete Report. I just click "Edit" and then change my post.
I don't know if you aware of it, but you can edit your posts in place. Look at the bottom left of your post. In one of mine, for example, I can see Michael Larkin, Tuesday at 8:29 PM Edit Delete Report. I just click "Edit" and then change my post.
Thank you for your kindly remind! I thought about this, then I found the reason that I tend to "add" rather than "replace" is that I don't know whether my afterthought could also be wrong.

It might be noticed that I often express similar meanings repetitively by using different ways, for that I eager to express my idea as clearly and detailed as I can while simultaneously my mastering of English language is still on the arduous uphill way, sorry for that if this way violates the writing etiquette.

I hold a wishful expectation that if I used all the synonyms and constructed many different sentences to express one same meaning of mine in a line, the sentence best suited to the context might be chosen by the others and my meaning might be clearly conveyed. I feel English language is subtle, a characteristic which brings many good way to express profound meaning while on the other hand lets it easy to cause ambiguity, misunderstanding and confusion.

I do not have anyone very close and intimate to me in my real life who can help me master English language better. I never received a decent English language education. "Stacking synonyms and repeating different sentences to express the same meaning" is a method often used by me to solicit for the others opinion whether I have written wrong. Awkward it sounds though, haha. :D