Transcendental Meditation (TM)

From meditation, it is my direct personal experience that meditation is the easy, natural way to Cosmic Consciousness. Physicists call it the experience of the Unified Field - the basis of all matter, energy, and consciousness in the universe.

The most effortless and natural technique is Transcendental Meditation. It does not get more effortless than effortless. During TM we completely let go, and letting the natural process run its course, as with digestion or sleep. Likewise, we do not try to digest. It is natural. Any chanting, visualization, contemplation or other stuff only interferes with the meditation process.

TM is the form of meditation that has scientific research behind it. (Beware of other forms of meditation that use TM's research.) Over 300 studies in peer reviewed journals attest to its effectiveness. Even the conservative National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded research on TM.

TM helped me increase my IQ, get into a better university than my parents expected, and join Mensa. I highly suggest it to anyone interested in consciousness and spirituality.