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Heretic Among Heretics: Jacques Vallee Interview

Page for Hancock's book Supernatural

Have been leafing through Vallees' Passport to Magonia and Hancock's Supernatural.

I think the comparison between all the varied altered state experiences - psychedelic/shamanic visions, UFO abductions, fairy folk encounters - is definitely spot on.

Now what that means is an open question IMO. Curious as to other people's thoughts. It's possible there's a materialist explanation for all this, and the commonality can be explained via archetypes and media. Some of the commonalities seem more thematic than direct correlations.

On the other hand, we're talking about people having some very similar experiences in different parts of the world, separated by decades if not centuries or millennia.Why would a random person involved in a UFO abduction encounter scenarios of spiritual communication from the shamanic traditions?