Upcoming interview with Conner Habib. Do you have any thoughts or questions?

I'd be interested to hear Conner's take on the role of art in contemporary culture. It seems to me that art is in desperate need of reenchantment to be relevant. It is needed - especially in the west, with our cut-up, remixed, and ever diluted culture.

Does art that seeks to critique the system simply become the system in the modern era? (eg. from the punk rock of the 70s to Hot Topic tshirts of punk bands). I'd say yes, and at speeds far greater than the example I just gave, thanks to the internet.

Cable news networks seem to be more successful art projects (using crude metrics like popularity or commercial success) than any major art movement of the last century, in both scale and influence (tongue in cheek...but only slightly). The byproduct of their existence is a Ballardian horror show of a machine that simultaneously feeds on and destroys society. Dadists eat your hearts out.

In the same way that Picasso was a return to the primitive, art in 2019 should be, IMHO, a return to the divine. Ambitious art should no longer, mearly, be a means to comment on society, critique society, it needs to facilitate communion with the ineffable, the eternal. It needs to reform our dead senses in a materialist, deadend culture and embue life with greater meaning and purpose, as it did for our ancestors.
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How does he tackle the allegations that any support to the pornography industry is tacit support for human trafficking, sexual slavery and paedophilia?
Sex in the afterlife... Well, according to what I've read, Jesus explained there are no wives or husbands in the kingdom of God; that we are as Angels there, in a state of perpetual bliss. But first we would need to graduate to there first. regarding sex with spirits, probably not such a good idea as a spirit's true nature or objectives are not known. You don't wanna find yourself going through bouts of unconsciousness during which you may in fact be possessed by that spirit and engage in sleepwalking possibly doing things totally out of normal for yourself. Such as in rare cases, committing murder. Align yourself with Jesus, Jim. You will be granted an Angel who will act in your defense when you need help. Kind regards, ~garry