Visual hallucinations evoked by direct electrical stimulation.

Interesting abstract (and even more interesting article in New Scientist)...

"...Bipolar direct electrical stimulation of a cortical area in the collateral sulcus and medial fusiform gyrus, which was place-selective according to both fMRI and iEEG, induced a topographic visual hallucination: the patient described seeing indoor and outdoor scenes that included views of the neighborhood he lives in. By contrast, stimulating the more lateral aspect of the basal temporal lobe caused distortion of the patient's perception of faces, as recently reported (Parvizi et al., 2012)..."

I'll have to wait for this paper to appear for free before I can get to read it for myself, but in the meantime the New Scientist has written an article on it... which sound fascinating. I love that they apparently stimulated a location correlated with 'places', then stimulated an area correlated with 'faces'... THEN, they stimulated an area midway between both 'faces' and 'places' and the subject said that the investigating team suddenly all looked Italian and like they were working in his family's pizzeria, "with aprons and whatnot".

Below is a link to the Parvizi et. al, 2012 study mentioned by the authors in their abstract. It's worthwhile viewing because it's got a video on the 4th page of the PDF showing them conducting the experiment. I find this fascinating, video in a paper! ...not least because what the subject says is so much more meaningful than what is highlighted in the paper, and what a short experiment too... (because it's got a video embedded in it, it takes a bit of time to download)
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