Voices and Photos from the Dead?

I have a private email list which I use when I feel there's a new snippet or two from the world of the paranormal.

Here's my latest round robin:

A while ago I recommended an excellent free web documentary on EVP and ITC (Electronic Voice Phenomenon and Instrumental Transcommunication) titled Calling Earth, shot and directed by Dan Drasin.

For my non-paranormal researching friends, EVP and ITC are alleged electronic sound or vision communication with the dead.

Today I learned that Dan has added one more new sequence to his film which involves controversial Dutch psychic Robbert van den Broeke who claims to be able to capture images of deceased people – and much more besides - on digital cameras.

In this sequence Dan sets up an experiment in which he provides the cameras and memory cards as he films Robbert in action capturing an image of EVP dead pioneer Frederick Jurgenson.

More about Jurgenson here: http://parascience.co.uk/evp-electronic-voice-phenomena/

Here is the sequence which Dan has now added to the Calling Earth documentary:

Here is the full documentary including the new sequence:

Here is the ITC website:

Finally – just when many of us had become convinced that all crop circles are man made – comes this intriguing clip about some circles allegedly predicted by Robbert van den Broeke and witnessed appearing, along with a mysterious ball of light, by Robbert and his friend Roy Boschman