Weather Influence Experiments – a call for online participation



Weather Influence Experiments – a call for online participation

...Weather-working by mental intention has hardly been studied scientifically despite the practice being prominent in many cultures throughout human history. Like other experiments that test for psi abilities in humans, the results of this experiment could contribute to the scientific understanding of consciousness. But additionally, testing mind-matter interactions with the atmosphere may shed light on a unique problem that is often faced with other parapsychological experiments. When a small psychokinetic effect occurs, it may be clear that at minimum, the subject predicted some change to a physical system, but whether or not they actually influenced the change in the system remains an open question because the effect is small enough to be explained by natural fluctuations. Because the atmosphere operates with chaos principles, however, a small change to the initial state of the atmosphere can make a dramatic difference in the weather observed at a later time. If mental intentions are capable of influencing even a tiny volume of air, it is possible that the results of this experiment could show a large enough signal to suggest that a true differentiation exists between mind-matter interaction and precognitive abilities.

That said, it is important to recognize that we are not trying to control the weather, or attempt to have power over it in any way. Rather, we are inviting (rather than demanding) the atmosphere to put itself in such a form that would provide the greatest good for the planet and the life on it. Experienced weather-workers caution us that we need to come from a place of compassion and be humble about our intentions. Sometimes the weather conditions we truly need are different from what we think they may be. To learn more about this important perspective, I recommend the books Medicine for the earth: How to transform personal and environmental toxins by Sandra Ingerman and Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements by Nan Moss and David Corbin. Nevertheless, this experiment invites us to ask (but not demand!) the atmosphere for relief to the ongoing drought, but perhaps the broader implication is that we are using scientific methodology to help us learn more about our relationship with nature as conscious beings. The experiment can be found

I am also interested in studying past events where mental intentions may have influenced the weather. If you know of or witnessed any such cases and can provide approximate dates and locations, please feel free to contact me...