What are Colbeck and Renner saying about the Wave Function & "Realism"?



Phys.org Article - Does the quantum wave function represent reality?

Original Paper

I wanted to settle this, and hopefully some board physicists can help. Seems to me the only conclusion they're making here is that the wave function is a complete description of a particular phenomena rather than partial but effective description.

This doesn't seem to settle anything about whether conscious observers can cause collapse, nor does it invalidate the experiments that suggested observers may in fact do that very thing. (Summary here + here).

It also seems to me the question of "realism", as challenged by the IQOQI results, remains unsettled.

p.s. Additionally, Isham has said realism is challenged by the Kochen–Specker theorem but I don't really understand what that means so some help there would be nice.