What is the Goal of the Deep State?

Hello, there has been a lot of talk lately, not only by Trump but by the national media of the term "Deep State." I have no doubt that the Deep State exists, and was likely put into place with the establishment of the National Security Act in 1947 and has been strengthened and bolstered over the years through clandestine programs and black budgets.

The Deep State is a group of small political insiders, including banks, corporations, and intelligence apparatus that operate as the invisible arm of the government. Senator Inyanhoue called them the government behind the government: having its own funding mechanism and unanswerable to anyone, even the President. With such a group no doubt being in existence, what is their end game? My personal belief is that their endgame can be traced back to a Pentagon document called Full Spectrum Dominance, in which the slated goal is complete military and economic control of the whole world. This ties directly into the Project for a New American Century, which calls for the overthrow of numerous countries in the Middle East for the security of the United States and Israel? Is domination the ultimate agenda? Is it profit or something else? What do you think