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  1. Government is just the biggest baddest organized crime gang. The fact that they protect you against real threats like foreign invasion doesn't make it any more ethical than extortion rackets that provide real protection against petty criminals.

    If someone wants one fact to prove the the US government is fundamentally, institutionally, constitutionally, corrupt I would suggest civil forfeiture is proof. The police can seize any property without a trial by saying it was used in a crime. It doesn't matter if the owner of the property is not involved in the crime or is suspected but found innocent. To get their property back, proving their innocence won't help, they have to go to court to prove the property was not used in a crime because civil forfeiture is completely legal and upheld by the scoundrels sitting on the supreme court. If the US was a nation founded on justice instead of corruption, this would have been corrected long ago. People stopped by the police who are carrying large sums of cash routinely have it seized because the police say it is evidence of a crime because criminals carry large sums of cash. The police get to keep some of the money for departmental use. When the police have our money how do you hire a lawyer to prove there was no crime?


    Is this outrageous or what?
    AL Sheriffs & DAs: No Incentive to Enforce the Law if We Can’t Keep the Funds
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    I used to say this back when I was an Anarcho-Capitalist.

    Then I realized some type of government is necessary. Anarchy doesn't work because humans always have and always will naturally form power hierarchies due to that fact that the vast majority of people want to be taken care of, led, and have some type of parental figure.
  3. I am not advocating anarchy. Anarchy can only last for a few seconds after it is established because, as you say, power hierarchies (organized crime gangs) form naturally. Part of it is because some people want to be taken care of like you say, but part of it is because some people want to be parasites enriching themselves off people they can dominate.

    But there are a lot of people who just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace, who don't want a nanny government or to force their ways on their neighbors. They need to be aware in order to look out for their own interests.
  4. And there's this:

    Russia Warned FBI Several Times about Boston Bomber – Threat was Ignored, Then It Took FBI 3 Days to Find Terrorist Brothers

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