What's the end game for religious fundamentalists?

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  1. I mean you have these cults that have worshiped a "god" that will send people to an eternal concentration camp. They've used belief in this entity - that gnostics see as a demonic tyrant* - to further their faith through slavery/colonialism/the Holocaust/persecution of gays/subjugation of women/etc.

    We know the CIA has been connected to religious missionaries.

    We know they have their own "rock" music, their own cartoons like Veggie Tales, all to make it seem like worshiping a demon who throws people into an eternal concentration camp is okay.

    And unlike Pizza Gate we know there's accepted evidence of a child molester ring among the religious, namely the Catholic Church scandal?

    Are some theists secretly peddling an occulted, watered-down Demiurgic theology -- is that their end game?

    *See 'Not In His Image' Transcending The Virus Of Salvationist Religion:

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  2. People That Thanked God in Oscar Speeches 1949-2014:

    How deep does Hollywood's allegiance to the Demiurge go? :eek:
  3. Probably the most important part:

    More stuff on the Abrahamic religions being started by aliens:

    Jesus Was an Alien

    Did Aliens Bring Religion to Earth ? There are compelling reasons that they did.

    What The Church Isn’t Telling You About Nibiru And The Anunnaki

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  5. Looks like someone just [can't] handle the truth. ;)
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