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Action plan for OBE Exploration:
  • Establish your dedicated OBE exploration area. An area separate from your primary bedroom is best. A sofa in your living room can be effective; this has worked for me for forty years. Perceive this special area in your home as your personal exploration or meditation area. Many people create a unique energy space with an altar, spiritual statues, wall hanging and crystals. Create a space that reminds you of your OBE intention. Take note; your bedroom is not recommended since you are conditioned to sleep deeply in your bed.
  • Every day confirm (write) your firm intention to have a conscious OBE in your journal and ask your Higher Self and guides for assistance. (Now I have a fully aware OBE!) Hold your intention as your last conscious thought every time you take a nap or as you drift to sleep.
  • Learn about the various OBE induction methods that are available and select the approach that resonates with you.
  • Select your ideal practice time of day. Mute phones and control pets.
  • Create and maintain a detailed OBE and lucid dream journal. Record all energy/vibrational state events, even small ones. Make it a habit to journal all shifts of consciousness/vibrational state events after sleep and each OBE practice session. This journal process helps to open and reprogram our mind to remember our experiences.
  • Remain calm and surrender to all vibrational state events. Never analyze, just allow and surrender to all energy shifts.
  • When first awakening remain still for a few seconds and examine your energy body. For example, seeing through eye lids or floating/sinking is a clear indication that you are in an ideal state for separation.
  • It’s important to know that separation from the body is not an automatic response as many assume. Often, we must initiate the separation process by using silent commands such as, “Roll now! / Door now!”
  • Use your dreams as a launch point for OBEs. Focus and repeat, “Awareness Now!” during all lucid dreams.
  • Be patient with yourself and don’t obsess with results. Treat the process like a relaxed daily meditation.
  • Be completely open to all shifts of consciousness during sleep and practice sessions.
  • View all vibrational state phenomena as nonphysical events. Focus on your firm, positive intention to have an OBE now. (Now I have a conscious OBE!) Your focused intention is always the central driving force of your experiences.
  • There is only one rule in OBE exploration - never think about or focus on your physical body.
  • Most important - commit to sixty-days of daily OBE practice. Daily repetition is essential to reprogram the mind to your new ability.


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