Your favorite Paranormal/Consciousness/Spriituality Podcasts?

I want to discover new podcasts and I figure this would be one of the best places to learn about other Podcasts. Some of my favorites are Grimerica, Mysterious Universe, Higherside Chats, Buddha at the Gas pump, The Paracast, and (off topic) Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. There's several more I like but those are my favorites. How about you?
I don't really have a favourite, but usually trawl around cherry-picking episodes. Some of the following are a little patchy. Some of the following are collections of talks / lectures.

It's on the Laird's list but Rune Soup must get a mention for being consistently interesting:

Whitley Strieber is a seriously spaced-out dude, but covers a wide range of topics (and I love the intro music for some strange reason):

His Youtube channel has some full length shows:

Another podcast off Strieber's site:

New Thinking Allowed with the great Jeffrey Mishlove (wonderful archive):

Rupert Sheldrake has a monthly meetup with psychologist Mark Vernon:

Sheldrake releases a monthly conversation with an Anglican / Episcopal Bishop, talking, surprisingly, mostly about Christianity:

Fade to Black: Paranormal and conspiracy stuff:

Shattered Reality: UFO and consciousness:

Mysterious Matters: Paranormal:

Ascend: Spirituality:

The IONS Youtube channel (great archive on PSI):

metaRising: Interesting PSI & metaphysics stuff:

Science and Non-Duality: Intermittent, but with a good archive:

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour: General interest but sometimes covers PSI, psychedelics and spirituality. Hosted by a comedian:

Tangentially speaking: Same as above but hosted by a sex-crazed maniac:

Joe Rogan Show: Same as above but hosted neither by a comedian nor a sex-crazed maniac:
[EDIT: I've just remembered Rogan does do stand up comedy. Who knows, maybe he's also a sex maniac.]

And finally.... not a podcast, not current.... but an archive of amazing conversations between Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna and Ralph Abrahams. Boom.
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Here's one to add to the list:

I got the lead from Kamarling on that other forum. The podcast, at first glance, seems exclusively focused on consciousness science. Looks good.

More UFO stuff:
Terrence McKenna was quite the interesting man. He spoke with an unmatched eloquence. He had some bizarre theories.
Yes, I'm very sorry he's dead.

Joe Rogan had Terence's brother on recently..... talking mainly about psychedelics:

These are some of my favourite McKenna / Sheldrake / Abraham trialogues:

Creativity and the Imagination 1 & 2

Angels, Entities and the Heavens

The Heavens

Entities 1 & 2

Chaos and the Imagination 1 & 2

Creativity and Chaos 1 & 2

Fields, Brains and Chaos 1 & 2

Utopianism and Millenarianism 1 & 2

I could go on and on. :)
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Heres another Dennis Mckenna interview from the Grimerica Podcast. Grimerica is really good.
Thanks! I've listened to a few Grimerica's over the years..... will pay more attention.

Here's one more: Legalise Freedom - consistently interesting, covers topics like consciousness, magic, politics, spirituality, etc.

A Legalise Freedom interview I enjoyed recently: Systems theorist Ervin Laszlo talking about the evolving cosmos and our potential part in it.....

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