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First 25 pages of Crossing the Event Horizon : Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype

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The Singularity Archetype is a primordial image of human evolutionary metamorphosis which emerges from the collective unconscious.The Singularity Archetype builds on archetypes of death and rebirth and adds information about the evolutionary potential of both species and individual.
Over many years of working with people on their dreams, I have observed many such visions of the Singularity Archetype. For example, a few years ago a young man reported to me the following dream:

"The sky is turning very dark. Underground tremors occur and escalate to where the earth seems to be shaking itself to pieces. There is fire and lightening, and it seems to be the end of the world. Then everything calms down. Sunlight breaks through the dark clouds and illuminates a large white eagle, which comes spiraling down from above. In its talons it holds a golden egg with a glowing aura. Carefully, it deposits this egg in a nest at the top of a great tree."


Avatar and the Singularity Archetype
The Will Toward the Glorified Body in Avatar

The will toward the Glorified Body is right at the center of Avatar. James Cameron seems to be aware of this. When Larry King asked him why he picked the name “Avatar,” Cameron responded: “I don’t know. Y’know when I wrote it in '95, it just popped into my head that here you’ve got people projecting their consciousness into a fleshly body, a biological body, and that’s what the Sanskrit word means, the taking of flesh, the incarnation of a divine being in the case of the Hindu religion. And although our characters aren’t divine beings, obviously, the idea is that it’s actually a fleshly incarnation."

As Avatar opens, our point of view is that of a Glorified Body, the flying dream body of the protagonist, Jake Sully, a young Marine who is a paraplegic. His character is perfectly designed to represent the will toward the Glorified Body. He is an athletic, vital young man with great physical courage and a warrior essence but whose body is half paralyzed.

The next hauntingly numinous scene in the movie is when Jake first catches a glimpse of his avatar...