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I was born in Belize to British parents and currently live in Somerville, MA. I'm pushing middle age and wondering if a midlife crisis will coincide with formal UFO disclosure.
Introducing myself, I am Jonathan Dinsmore, writer, digital nomad, travel/spirituality content creator, entrepreneur, and a few other things.

My primary interests as relates to Skeptiko are psychedelics, yoga and vedanta, frontier science, philosophically challenging physicalism/materialism, meditation, near death experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, psi phenomena, and all that good stuff!
Hey - recovered my account and password! Could not get it to work a couple of years ago. This time it did. TES 8)
Hi Will, I'm not sure if you will read this but I sent you a message about your necklace. Check your messages. I have a Number 3 pendant!
Alex, how do we make recommendations for shows/guests? I think I have a pretty good suggestion for you.
Hi, Stephen

Please could you answer a simple question for me. I know Max's theory is utter nonsense but is there any shred of evidence that what he terms "endogenous fields" possess any of these supposed "capabilities" he endows them with ? I thought endogenous fields existed all over the body, in one's kneecap for that correct ? Many thanks tim
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright
hey Tim,

I have no expertise in the biochemical issues, however all electromagnetic fields can carry signals
That said, that these fields address OBE or NDE on any basis than standard signalling parameters is never expressed. Once he started to speak of harmonic resonances, but I can't draw if as as he doesn't respond.
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