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I sometimes feel we won't get the big picture because the big picture is not conceivable by those of us stuck in 3D and enmeshed in time. What if these mission and message based experiences (shamanistic, drug-induced, NDE, alien abduction/contact) are effectively "God" making small course corrections towards an end or a waypoint that only he can see.
I think you could be right to call these varied experiences “course corrections”. I’ve had many over the years, but the destination eludes me completely. I do know that I’m a kinder and more thoughtful person for them, but it’s also very alienating. I can only stay the course apparently being set for me, and hope for the best.
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More generally, I suspect that there's a hard uncertainty built into our consensus reality based on the beliefs that make up that consensus. When the materialist view dominates (as it does now), the laws of nature conform to that view with only some small and limited uncertainty allowed. Thus Uri Geller can dominate the SRI tests but has to flub it on Carson because that would be too great a violation of consensus.
Tom Campbell describes our world as a virtual reality trainer.

He says that most of the souls inside must believe in it for it to work. Thus there is a built in ambiguity to all things paranormal —the Psi Uncertainty Principle.

I prefer his theory over the idea of the Trickster, or discarnate spirits messing with us, but who knows?
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Learning about the double slit experiment and some of its refined variations changed my view of reality. The most materialist of pursuits (the chopping up of matter into smaller and smaller pieces) ran straight into the realm of consciousness. That materialists downplayed or side-stepped these implications is a source of great frustration to me, and makes Alex a rare break from the crazy.
I was born in Belize to British parents and currently live in Somerville, MA. I'm pushing middle age and wondering if a midlife crisis will coincide with formal UFO disclosure.
Introducing myself, I am Jonathan Dinsmore, writer, digital nomad, travel/spirituality content creator, entrepreneur, and a few other things.

My primary interests as relates to Skeptiko are psychedelics, yoga and vedanta, frontier science, philosophically challenging physicalism/materialism, meditation, near death experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, psi phenomena, and all that good stuff!
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