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    New finding about activity in brain at death

    I read the entire article , seems like complex genes for memory etc diminish or shut down but those with “clean up duties” become activated . I’m not smart enough to know if “genes” activating has anything to do with a person forming thoughts or memories etc ... but could this “finding” be used...
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    Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, What Split Personality Tells Us About Consciousness |461|

    How come no one mentions this article which has perfectly normal PHYSICAL explanation for the phenomenon on blindness in alters:
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    Musicians hellish NDE from Covid

    Check this out:
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    AWARE II Study

    Try here:
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    NDE’ers experience seeing a living person from NDERF website...questions/opinions

    they are definitely rare but it still doesn’t make sense to me . I tried to find it but couldn’t .. but I remember even reading in the past of a NDE where someone saw elves . It’s just odd. Then u hear of NDE experiences where someone reports seeing someone they THINK is alive only to learn they...
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    NDE’ers experience seeing a living person from NDERF website...questions/opinions

    not critiquing ur opinion just clarifying would the “version” of kid Cudi in the “afterlife” be kid cudi’s “higher self” or would he have been, for lack of better phrase “astrally traveling” or “in two places at once” kind of thing ?
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    NDE’ers experience seeing a living person from NDERF website...questions/opinions

    I read the latest NDERF NDE posted on their site for 3/14. The young man had an NDE in which he saw Kid Cudi (a rapper) who is very much alive, in his NDE . Did a little research, it turns out that rapper was the boy’s favorite artist and the song he heard in his NDE with lyrics heard in NDE...
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    Jesus’ Existence

    no one is talking about meaning . It’s a simple question that I couldn’t find the answer to.
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    Jesus’ Existence

    your response is meaningless . Don’t worry about what I’m gonna do with the answer . It was a simple question. What percentage of historians believe that a historical Jesus actually existed ? Not that difficult and ur response is odd .
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    Jesus’ Existence

    I am having trouble finding an accurate answer to what I thought was a simple question: Do most historians believe that Jesus existed or not? on Wikipedia (I know not necessarily the most reliable) it says : most historians believe Jesus existed . then on big think , it says most believe he...
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    NDE Criteria

    I posed a question do Dr. Long and was not satisfied with the answer. Here was my question in part: Hi Dr Long, “One thing I don’t understand is why is it labeled on your website a possible near death experience when there is nothing really “near death” about it? Why not call it a “near...
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    Upcoming Interview: Dr. Gregory Shushan... please submit questions

    Why is the book so expensive? It’s like 70-80 bucks
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    Huge differences in NDE’s

    Thank you everyone who has posted replies so far . And all the resources and links. There is no doubt that some of the reports regarding the non western NDE’s are questionable in the sense that there was really no “research protocol” and they are anecdotal, narrative accounts from other...
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    Huge differences in NDE’s

    Hi Jim, The studies I am referring to r listed in that new IANDS book and it is from various “journal of near death study” articles and studies .
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    Huge differences in NDE’s

    I am almost 2/3 thru the recent book release by IANDS, the foundations of near death research which covers a lot of articles from the journal of near death studies and I am kind of embarrassed. I pride myself on being very well versed on ndes and have read so many books, articles, blogs and...