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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Well, that's just it, for the most part there is no actual research being cited to the public during the various press conferences and news reports. We're just told "that's the science", and you're just supposed to go with it. This piece, for instance, about the usefulness of different types of...
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Well, the Science says that certain types of large gatherings are okay and somehow low-risk while substantially smaller gatherings will definitely kill people. Don't go denying the Science. You know, I can't help but notice a common theme here....
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    I'll take The Great Reset for $300. Of course, if you or I mention it, it's kooky conspiracy theory. When the powers that be openly bring it up, it magically becomes a widely accepted new paradigm that we all simply must accept or else.
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    Did science disprove Spiritual and supernatural?

    The meeting of science and spiritually, if such a thing is possible (and assuming spirit and such is a real thing) will be a very difficult and arduous journey. I mean, if you're looking for gods on Mount Olympus, or an old man with a long beard sitting on a throne on top of a cloud, you...
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    Plants Can Sense Touch, Smell, and Even Hear Themselves Being Eaten

    Well, checkmate vegans, turns out plants have feelings too. Honestly this isn't that surprising. While plants obviously don't react as quickly to stimuli as animals, they would need a mechanism of perceiving things so they could make whatever adjustments a plant can possibly make.
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    New stuff in neuroscience

    Last I heard, the theory is that they comprise over 96% of the brain's memories, but are not detectable via any method currently known.
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    New stuff in neuroscience

    I wonder when the dark memory hypothesis is going to drop.
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    Jonathan Robinson, can technology help spiritual seekers? |320|

    Probably because that whole thing got shut down.
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    Mod+ Discussion - Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe? Should they be labeled?

    The difference being that all pre-genetic modification crops were made into what they are via selective breeding of desirable traits. That process was pretty simple, you bred traits you wanted together and let traits you didn't want die off. Now, the genetic code is being directly altered with...
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    Critiques of Science as Currently Praticed

    Isn't replication of findings often considered to be one of the major pillars of the scientific method? If there is a lack of replication occurring, why does it seem that almost nobody cares outside of this forum?
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    Free Speech Implodes at DePaul University.

    I would say that at this point, in a lot of cases, a college education is no longer an asset. In many cases it's far more of a liability nowadays. Think about it. People get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt to work towards a degree that may or may not even be...
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    Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, near-death experience science counters grief |319|

    I think the question that inevitably comes up is why so few people seem to have such experiences. Even if we assume everyone has them, why then do most people seem to forget about them completely?
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    Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, near-death experience science counters grief |319|

    I'm not strictly talking about academics when I say "well-accepted". I'd wager a decent percentage of people in general may certainly be interested in the phenomena but nonetheless are cautious to even discuss them for fear of others around thinking they're kooky.
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    Why are so many movies going Gnostic? |315|

    Seems to me it'd be around there. Sounds like what the clerics have been saying about their varying religions for millennia.
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    Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, near-death experience science counters grief |319|

    Which is fair. If there was well-accepted conclusive proof of some reality pointed to by those sort of experiences, this forum would have no need to exist.