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    missing forums...

    Right :-)
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    missing forums...

    Great to see that the two forums you deleted "Critical Discussions Among Proponents and Skeptics" and "Other Stuff" have been restored with a notice that they have been scheduled for deletion. Thanks! :-) But I am also a little confused: Now a third forum "Extended Consciousness & Spirituality"...
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    What happened to the missing forums?

    I've signed up. I hope everybody will try it out.
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    missing forums...

    I think that would be a good way to resolve this. Though since a lot of content has been built up during the almost 4 years this forum has existed, I suspect that we would need more than a day to find everything that we want to preserve. It would be ideal if the forums were brought back in a...
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    What are you watching?

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    The Donald Trump Thread

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    Syria and US aggression

    I have not looked into this. But apparently James Corbett also thinks it's a false flag:
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    The 'remain' side hasn't given up. Here is a talk by A.C. Grayling:
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    Where is everyone from?

    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    I believe that particular piece of information was obtained from KSM through torture. I think it is unclear if it is actually true or if it is just what KSM thought his torturer wanted to hear. Of course it is also unclear if KSM knew anything about 9/11 at all.
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    The fact that nothing happened "last night in Sweden" . Though, in fairness, what he was probably referring to "happening last night", was his watching a news report about Sweden.
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    Does anyone know what Trumps intends regarding the state of emergency that was declared after 9/11 and has been upheld since then, first by Bush and subsequently by Obama?
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    Need help finding guest for show on Aleister Crowley

    Well, Gary Lachman has been on Rune Soup a couple of times, though admittedly not to talk about Crowley specifically. Still, judging by the reviews on Amazon, his book on Crowley from 2014 apparently isn't very sympathetic towards its subject matter.
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    Precognition/Presentiment experiences

    Hurmanetar started this thread to discuss Dean Radin's presentiment paper.